Pricing is free and it can be used without any registration. Just note that since it requires a lot of resources (Storage, RAM, CPU, etc...), we are forced to put some limitations1.

Anonymous User (Free)

CAD Files:

Visualize STP, IGS, OBJ & STL files4.
Upload files up to 52428800.
Store files up to 3 Days.
Share files only with the "Protected" visibility.
Have up to 524288000 of storage2 (with a IP3 limitations).


Join invitations or public conversations.

Registered User (Free)

All the Anonymous User benefits plus:

CAD Files:

Upload files up to 104857600.
Store files up to 1 Month, or with a unlimited amount of time.
Share files with the Private, Protected or Public visibilities.
Have up to 1073741824 of storage2.
Receive email notifications.
List and manage your files.


Create and Manage conversations.
Upload media (Documents, Photos, Videos).
Have 209715200 of storage.


Receive support of a staff member if he is available.
Have a profile page.
  • 1The limitations are subject to change without any notice.
  • 2The storage refers to the total of MiB used to provide the service. For example, if you upload a CAD file and you decide to keep its source, the storage of such request is equal to the source plus our converted file. Once that the files expires, the storage is liberated.
  • 3The IP restriction only applies to un-registered users but if a registered user uploads data under the same IP, he will also consume the unregistered-user data. Registered users sharing the same IP are not limited by this.
  • 4It is not possible to ensure that all the files will be properly read and converted. CAD files are complex and some may include errors, if you have a problem with a conversion please contact us.